Bethel AME Church

Organized in August 1864, in Hampton VA, Bethel AME Church has a history of growth accommodating an increasing congregation and ministry and the facilities to house them.   The kitchen plays an integral role in the life of the church.

The roll-down window opens directly into an anteroom which mitigates food odors and kitchen noise from disturbing activities within the large multipurpose room.  It also allows a smaller group to dine while the larger space is used for a separate gathering.  Service in the main hall can be staged in this anteroom, or guests can walk through the serving line and then return to their seats.

In the kitchen, an interior wall built behind the ventilation hood allows good flow from the cooking line to the pass-window.  Warewashing activities and beverage service are located separately but adjacent to the serving line.  This kitchen can accommodate many volunteer workers simultaneously without feeling crowded.

The available uniquely-shaped space was wisely utilized for storage.  Separate areas are dedicated to different purposes and can be secured when the kitchen is used by community groups.

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Client: Bethel AME Church
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