Church of the Holy Family

Church of the Holy Family’s busy congregation faced several challenges with an aging kitchen: overcrowded storage, a hood too small to accommodate the needed equipment, parts that could no longer be sourced for equipment that had served its expected life, insufficient lighting, air-conditioning, and power. It was time for a renovation! FSDC was able to assist with maximizing storage in the existing space. Mobile carts and dish dollies can now be rolled under shelving units, clearing much-needed work surfaces and walkways in the kitchen.

A new ventless dishmachine eliminated the need for a hood there. Adding rack slides to the pre-rinse sink eases the dish-loading operation and keeps spray away from the pass-window. Mobile equipment allows for thorough cleaning. New fully-operational cooking equipment and select new stainless steel cabinetry and tables completed the upgrade. Some existing equipment was reused, and overall the project was carefully designed to meet its target budget.

Project Details

Client: Church of the Holy family
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