Foodservice Solutions Design Consultants offers a complete menu of design services to support your needs from the beginning of your project through opening day.

Free Initial Consultation

We can meet with you to determine the overall scope of your project and discuss your individual needs. Then we can provide an accurate estimate on the design costs, and overview of the suggested project involvement from FSDC.

Coordination with Owner, Architect, and General Contractor

The FSDC design team will work with you and your team of builders, architect, engineer, and general contractor to ensure an accurate design and well-coordinated work flow throughout the project.

Equipment Specifications

We can provide equipment specifications with each item broken down into a detailed description (including all options and accessories). We’ll also provide budget pricing and a book of equipment cut sheets (with in-depth information on each item to be provided).

Electrical & Plumbing Rough-In Drawings

If desired we can provide detailed dimensioned electrical and plumbing rough-in drawings to assist the architect, engineer, general contractor, and construction trades in the accurate placement of the utilities required for your facility.

Equipment Utility Schedule

FSDC can provide a detailed utility schedule with the individual requirements for each item displayed in matrix format.

Interior Design

FSDC can help bring your creative ideas for theme and décor to life. We can help determine the proper fabrics, wall covering, lighting, flooring, and casework that fit the needs of a commercial establishment with the style and flare you have in mind.

Equipment Cost Analysis & Value Engineering

FSDC can provide budget equipment costs to aid in the financial planning of your project. We can also assist in value engineering to be sure your project stays within your budget (so you receive the lowest possible price on all your equipment).

Elevation, Isometric, & Detail Drawings

FSDC can provide elevations and detail drawings of selected pieces or areas to give you a clear idea of the final look of your design. We can also provide these drawings as needed to obtain quotes and shop drawings for custom equipment for the manufacturer to ensure each piece is designed accurately.

3D Renderings & Color Detail Drawings

FSDC can provide you with elevation or photorealistic 3D renderings in order to convey the essence of our design to you the customer, your committee, board members, or investors. You will have an idea of the feel of your project before ever breaking ground.

Job Site Visits and Supervision of Construction

FSDC offers job site visits to verify specifications were followed.


The Certified Food Service Professionals at FSDC can instruct you and your staff on how to efficiently use and maintain each piece of equipment.